Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day of rest and sight seeing

Hey, my name is Madison Gaither. I wanted to continue on and give everyone an update on what happened today. Today was great, full of unexpected events. We went to church, went on a bus ride to see the scenic side of the country, and ran. Church was composed of many different things, praise through singing, reading scripture, then the sermon. My favorite part was how we were given a translator, which happened to be sitting in front of Taylor and I; was such a blessing. The service was about troubles that we face, and that it is okay to have them and mourn, but rely on God to get through them. Then seeing the scenic side of the country gave me a whole different appreciation for Costa Rica. During this bus ride we saw a few different things. The main thing we noticed was all the mountains. We also saw a volcano, a river with a dam, and a water fall. Something we saw in the inner city that was beautiful was the basilica. It was breath taking; the outside, and the inside with stain glass windows. What moved me the most was how much dedication people have to there faith. Yesterday there was a special service, which people had walked many miles and days to get there. They did it to humble themselves like Mary, even going to the point where some of them would crawl or would put rice or beans in there shoes. Anyone should give respect to someone who goes above and beyond in putting there faith in action. After that stop we went on back to where we were staying and did our run. All in all it was a great day and was a much needed part of our trip.


Basilica in Cartago, CR